Musandam dibba tour package from Dubai

Musandam is a lovely peninsula of land bordered by the Persian Gulf and Oman, separated from the UAE by a strip of land. Which is well-known for its welcoming locals, traditional souks, marine life, and tranquil pace of life. Get a Musandam Dibba tour package from Dubai.

There are other activities such as refreshing ocean views, boat trips, 4X4 rides, and limestone coastline beauty. However, you can get here by car or by plane. There are many 4 and 5-star hotels and guest houses where you can stay.

Khasab Castle

Khasab is the capital and was built in the 17th century. The Portuguese colonials built it. International visitors come to see the wedding decorations, jewellery, kitchen equipment, weapons, and clothing from the Portuguese era.

Musandam Beaches

beautiful beaches with golden sands, rare birds, and blue waters. Overnight camping, boating, swimming, and lounging on the beaches are all choices. Book a Dibba Musandam sea safari.

Jebel Harim

Also known as the "Women's Mountain." Women from the old days used to go to save themselves from pirates.

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

The Musandam's aquamarine life is famed throughout the world for its manta rays, many types of corals, and colorful fish. Explore Musandam Overnight Dhow at the best price.

The Enchanting Fjords

Take a Musandam tour or any local boat to explore the gulf water.

Banana Ride

A banana boat ride is a safe adventure for anyone who enjoys having fun. It is an incredible blast of fun that anyone can enjoy. Try with a banana boat in the thrilling waters of Musandam.

A Speed Boat Ride

In addition to this thrilling water sport, it provides the finest opportunity to take some wonderful memorable photographs.

Khor Najd Bay

Explore Khor Al Najd via 4X4 vehicle along the twisting route, or by ship over the Strait of Hormuz.


It is a popular activity in the Khasab Musandam, and many people enjoy it.

An Adventure in the Al Hajar Mountains

This rollercoaster ride goes in and out of the wadis and up and down them. Where, in addition to the adventure, the wadis tour is experienced.

These Musandam activities are well worth your time and money. Where nature compels you to investigate it farther and further. Musandam Dibba appeals to nature enthusiasts as well as adventure seekers.


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