Musandam dibba tour package from Dubai

The Khasab Musandam dhow cruise into the fjords marks the beginning of the authentic experience. The Musandam Fjords are like a portal to another universe. Sail over the Strait of Hormuz while admiring the rocky shoreline. The beach is sculpted by the movement of the Earth's crust, yet it resembles the glacier-carved beaches of polar areas. The region has a few lonely, intriguing, and distinctive villages. Similar to the sense you get at the summit of an exposed mountain and suddenly descend to a protected, tranquil, gentle grove that embraces you in its peace and quiet, the impetuous waves of the open sea and the desert air abruptly come to a halt. Everything comes to a complete halt as soon as you approach the fjords' serene, reflected waters, as though time has been stopped. The rugged, rocky shoreline abruptly gives way to parched highlands that resemble genuine Badlands. The Musandam Fjords are known as the "Norway of Arabia" because of their pristine waters and towering mountains around them. The majestic mountains also provided shade from the heat for a lovely, rich meal.

This fjord region has five communities, which are only accessible by boat.


Roughly 140 people are living in the fjord's first settlement. The majority of the locals are fishermen. The local kids take a boat to Khasab to attend school. Free drinking water is made available to the village by the Omani government.


It's a little fishing community of about 50 people. The buildings built of native stones highlight the village's uniqueness. The "batil" fishing boats are visible on the shore.


There is an alpine community with around 10 homes. The Habalayn fjord and the east shore are both the closest to it.


The British erected a telegraph station on this island in 1864. An undersea cable was built from India to Basra (in Iraq) to connect India with England. One of the most important sites for swimming and snorkelling is the island, surrounded by coral and rocks.


It is situated at the fjord's edge and offers peaceful, transparent, crystal-clear waters that are perfect for fishing and snorkelling .

As the sun sets, the light makes the pebbles sparkle. As though on a pilgrimage, all the boats at sea return, creating a lovely scene. Many dolphins gracefully accompany you to the fjord entrance on the water's surface. The ideal way to end the Khasab Musandam dhow cruise through the fjords.


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