Musandam dibba tour package from Dubai

Getting a passport and visa is the ultimate step in beginning your vacation. If you are traveling to Dubai, you might be wondering whether you will need a visa for your trip. This article takes a look at the Dubai to Musandam Trip Visa Requirements, which can help give you some clarity on what you need to do before making the journey into this region of the world.

Dubai to Khasab Musandam Visa on arrival at border crossing

At the Khasab Border Crossing, anybody with either a tourist or resident visa can receive an Oman visa. AED 35 is the UAE Exit Fee. Visas for Oman cost 50 AED. Total cost per passenger: 85 AED. Border crossing requirements for visas:

  • All participants' passports must be valid for at least 90 days after the date of travel.
  • A UAE resident visa must be valid for longer than 90 days if you hold one.
  • To cross the border, you must have your original passport with you.
  • An arrival visa is not available for all occupations. First, check your line of work.
  • If you are travelling on a sponsored (dependent) visa, the sponsor must also be present.
  • Follow the Coastal Road, which is the sole secure and trustworthy land route between Khasab Musandam and the UAE, after passing through passport control and the border.

Requirements for a Dubai to Khasab Musandam Trip Visa

If you're planning a trip from Dubai to Musandam, you'll need to apply for a visa in advance. Here are the requirements for a successful application:

  • You must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of your planned arrival in Musandam.
  • You must submit a completed visa application form, along with two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • The visa fee for 30 days is 200 AED and for 10 days is 50 AED and must be paid by cash only.
  • Once your application is approved, you will be issued a single-entry visa that is valid for 30 days from the date of your arrival in Musandam.
  • List of nationalities eligible for on arrival visa

    Australia / Andorra / Austria / Brunei / Bulgaria / Belgium / Canada / Cyprus / Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Italy / Japan / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Latvia / Luxembourg / Malaysia / Malta / Monaco / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Paraguay Portugal / Poland / Romania / San Marino / Singapore / South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Slovenia / Slovakia / Switzerland / United Kingdom / USA / Vatican / Brazil / China / Russia

    N.B: For ten days, an Oman visa costs 50 AED, and for thirty days, it costs 200 AED. The exit cost is 35 AED while travelling by road, which is the same for everyone.


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