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TIMINGS : 04:00 HRS – 09:00 HRS


Experience a wonderful, tranquil balloon ride with just the intermittent impact of the gas burner to exasperate the peace. Our inflatable rides occur over the excellent
red desert sands close Fossil Rock amongst Dubai and Hatta. The Best time for the flights is at sunrise. The cool first light air as you buoy just a couple meters over
the red dunes, then be awestruck as the mesmerizing landscape unfurls beneath you. View the mammoth rises, the moon-like scene of the rugged Hajj mountains towards
the east, and the "21st century" skyline of Dubai toward the west as you ascend high into the massive blue of the desert sky. Whether you are on vacation in Dubai or a neighbourhood ,
  the perspectives on offer from our hot air inflatable rides will take you to new levels of appreciation and what's more, amazement of the desert and it's exceptional scene. Enjoy your holiday with KAsab tours from Musandam tourism Dubai.

Hotel Pickup only for in-house guests of the hotel.
For living arrangement, the meeting will be the regular pickup point : Dubai Outlet Mall before the Dome/Main Entrance
Please note that costs are shown for at least 2 persons
Transfers from Jebel Ali hotels, Al-Maha & Bab Al-Shams is at additional cost

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