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About Al Ain City Tour

TIMINGS : 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Al Ain has  a place of pride as it houses archaeological excavations and ancient Arabic treasuers. It is the Garden City and a
chief agricultural center. It is also known for university education. On this tour the first halt is at the Hilly Gardens, the excavation
site of tomb dating back to 3000 B.C. Then you visit the important museum, which houses ancient Arabic manuscripts and
royal treasures. The Oasis village of Buraimi in the Sultanate of Oman makes for a cool break, where you lunch and laze.
Finally, regale yourself at the quaint camel market where you find the ''Ship of the desert'' - alive and kicking. Visit Al Ain City with KAsab tours in Dubai.

If you are interested, there is opportunity to visit Famous Al Ain Zoo. (Entry ticket cost will be extra) 

Package cost          :  200.00  for Adults


Full day Tour / lunch optional 50 AED.   (Subject to the Request)
Pickup from Dubai Hotel/ Residents

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